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Leadership Based on Sheila's New Book – A New Breed Of Leader:

  • What Is "A New Breed Of Leader?"
    It is time to view the tried and true concepts of leadership through a new filter and then update them. By combining the best leadership qualities of the past with a set of new descriptors, measures and actions, we will begin to change the huge disconnect that exists between our daily lives and our leaders in business, government, and other institutions. We are living in a transcendent era, a time of limitless possibilities. No generation of leaders, at every level of society and across the globe, has had such an opportunity to solve our greatest problems and bring all peoples together to work and live in a safe and harmonious planet. You can stand up and be counted as one who will do his or her part and knowing that in combination with millions of other leaders, you'll leave deep footprints forming a global path to a better world for all the generations that follow.
  • Leadership Quiz – Courage and Change
    In the new millennium your leadership talents will be constantly tested and challenged. Whether you are leading at work, in the community or at home, the courage to explore your attitudes and aptitudes will be one of your most influential qualities.
  • A Leader Has High Ethics
    No one ever said that being ethical is easy. We live in a world with more and more ethical gray areas. The distinction between what is legal and what is unethical has become blurred.
  • Valuing Partnerships
    The businesses that are going to thrive in our new century will be those that promote partnerships and alliances over the traditional management pyramid.
  • Making a Difference Leadership Scroll
    You can be a leader, have a fulfilling life and make a difference in your home, job and community by building and enhancing these twelve success qualities!
  • Earning Your Stripes
    You can't claim leadership. You earn it. No matter where your commitment takes you, or what your leadership accomplishes, it is exciting to know that you are always in the process of earning your leadership stripes.
  • Five Steps to Productive Delegating
    As a leader, you just can't do it all. To be really effective, be willing and able to delegate the projects and details that others can learn to do. [ back ... ]

Customer Service/Branding:

Communication Skills:

  • Four Steps to a Great Presentation
    What happens when you are asked to make a more formalized presentation? Is it still relaxed, easy going, and comfortable? Here are four steps to help you analyze, organize and add power to what you say in a formal speech. [ back ... ]


  • Three Kinds of Change
    If you can't keep up with change, you can't succeed. Viewing change in one of these three categories will help you adjust to their impact.
  • Four Ways to Master Change
    Today's accelerated rate of change presents us with unique challenges and opportunities. Once you learn to handle change, you can take your skills, talents, and abilities and help others change. Let's look at four ways to enhance your mastery of change.
  • Where's the Tent?
    Identify the basics of your life so you can relax and enjoy the unexpected – because it will always happen. If you do, you'll find new joys and opportunities all around you. [ back ... ]

Motivation and Personal Excellence:

  • Become Your Biggest Cheerleader
    Become your biggest cheerleader of all the communication you do, none is more important than how you talk to yourself. Learn how your internal dialogue has more to do with your success in life than any other factor.
  • Using Fear to Get Going
    Fear is a natural and valuable part of life. It alerts us to potential problems and increases our awareness of opportunities. Learn the first step to using fear to get going.
  • Heads or Tails?
    Deciding to decide is often the hardest part. These six questions will help clarify your thoughts and actions so you can make the decision and take advantage of all the opportunities that come your way. [ back ... ]

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