Bethel Leadership Institute

Purpose and Core Values


We exist to:

Expand the global dialogue, practice, and results of excellence in the field of Leadership.

We focus on:

  • How to develop and enhance individual and organizational leadership.
  • How to attract, retain, engage and inspire good people to excel and find meaning in both work and life.
  • How to build engaged dynamic teams who work together cohesively around a set of shared goals and common purpose.
  • How to establish and improve world-class performance in all aspects of customer service.
  • How to increase the ability to accept, handle, and thrive on change in an era of unprecedented transformation.

Core Values

We strive to live, work, and serve our clients through:

  • Building Purpose
  • Fostering Trust
  • Generating Integrity
  • Mastering Influence
  • Forging Community
  • Establishing Work/Life Balance
  • Connecting Relationships
  • Inspiring Authenticity

The primary goal of the institute is to develop the skills, abilities, and attitudes of individuals and teams who then increase the productivity, profitability, and outcomes of the enterprises they serve.